Speeches (Keynote Speaker)

Every company, brand or team is made-up of individuals. Individuals who - once combined into a powerful group - can achieve greater things than can ever be imagine by a single person. Empower your team, achieve the impossible. We do this passionately through customized trainings and keynote speaking. Ready to be inspired?

Diego De Nicola is a sought-after keynote speaker on international stages. His performances - in German, English, French or Italian - are always very interactive, captivating, entertaining and instructive.

Whether a small team event or the big stage, contact us for a tailor-made offer and experience Diego in action!

Popular topics: 

  • The High-Performance Mind 
    How thoughts shape your future. A mindset to outperform others and your self. 
  • Decision Making vs. Decision Faking 
    Uncertainity and decisions... the art of taking action.
  • Focus! Or Live Blurry...
    How to transform stress into energy and turn presence into power. 
  • Hamster or Wheel? 
    Routine and habits. How they control behavior and how to break free. 
  • Mind Leader vs. Mind Follower 
    The hidden powers of your mind. Tame your thoughts and unleash them!