Being a leader no longer means to dictate the desired behavior. A real leader and a modern entrepreneur is an artful combination of role model, mentor, friend, boss and motivator.

Team-Training & Consulting

One of the great strengths of Diego De Nicola is the ability to instantly empower individuals. Thanks to a his combination of studies, experimentation and experience he can get an entire team motivated and ready for change. By optimizing structures, revolutionizing company philosophies and creating an environment of trust, real, poisitive and sustainable change is achieved within a short time-frame.

The combination of in-house group training, individual coaching with employees and managers, and consulting on a structural level - usually on a monthly basis - results in a synergy which brings a noticeable increase in quality and performance at all levels of the company and all the way to the customer. The increased commitment, the strong team spirit and the passion for this new dimension of work and creation, bring - besides the dramatic reduction of stress - success on a high-level and fulfillment not only for the company as a whole, but very often also for every single employee, on a personal and private level.

"Even the biggest company and the most famous brand is mainly people; you worry about your people and your project will flourish."


At company level, Diego usually works with the following concept:

  • Duration: 6-12 months
  • Interval: every month
  • Content: 1x group training, 1x individual coaching per team member, 1x strategy session with manager/responsible person
  • Goal: both the company and each individual member to a higher level, without psychological or physical overload. Thanks to high-performance strategies, you can achieve and exceed your goals with less effort and calmness.
  • Vision & Fulfillment: Mostly the resources are already there, but they are not efficiently implemented or wrongly allocated. Achieve a higher sense of purpose, form a unity out of individuals and create a clear orientation, which increases the appreciation - from employees to the customer - all along the line.

What is your vision for your company? What else do you want to achieve? Contact us and challenge us with your project!