Our Philosophy

We live in a world where appearance has become our new essence, personal values have become negotiable and success turned into an unavoidable evil. Where quick-fixes are the new long-term solutions, active thinking is sacrificed for peace-of-mind and predictability crushes excitement. Let’s change that!

Why Athletic Socrates?

Athletic Socrates stands for the golden combination of an active lifestyle, high performance and a successful, driven personality; all of this, coupled with deep thinking, relentless questioning, firm moral values and a profound appreciation and thankfulness.

What we will give you here on AthleticSocrates.com is an unusual perspective, new ways of thinking, unorthodox applications, and, hopefully, a source of inspiration that will move you to action. We strive to constantly question answers and to experiment beyond the obvious. We hereby invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

The Logo

Our logo is a synergy of the following symbols:

  • runner and thinker
  • gladiator and philosopher
  • laurel, book and sneakers
  • rising stairs

1. The Laurel

Since ancient times it has been the symbol of success and performance. For us it represents the will to do something important and to do good on a sustainable basis. It stands both for achieving personal goals and for success in life as a whole.

2. The Book

It is the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom and the basis for continuous evolution. The “hand-over” is the symbolic gesture representing transfer of knowledge and experience. We aim to continuously improve ourselves, to share our ideas and to pass on what we learn. Evolution and development are always based on current achievements - both in science and for each of us as individuals.

3. The Sneakers

They symbolize not only an active and athletic lifestyle, but also a relaxed feeling of freedom and serenity. They stand for a dynamic "everyday life" and underline the overarching goal of making our strategies practical and applicable. Just as the laurel stands for success, so the sneaker stands for fulfillment!

Stairs are probably the oldest method to reach "a higher level" and is often used symbolically for growth and achievement. For this reason, the writing in our logo symbolizes the process which - through active self-reflection and personal development - takes us to a new level in our lives.