Focus! Or Live Blurry...

The Open Night is an evening of creative thinking and innovative action. It takes place only 2-3 times a year, each time with a new topic (alternating English and German). Join us for free at this exclusive event followed by a Q&A and get-together.

OPEN-NIGHT - 5th Edition

Focus! Or Live Blurry... - "How to transform stress into energy and turn presence into power."

We live in a distracted society, where focus is frequently disrupted and stress has become a daily companion for  many of us. We try to fight this, to oppose it, instead of using it to our advantage. There is an easier way!

Learn how to easily apply efficient and life-changing strategies that will massively transform your energy and power. Get ready to gain unwavering presence, peak performance and true fulfilment.


Event Infos

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

18:30 h Doors open
19:00 h Start Open-Night
21:30 h End Open-Night
(Q&A and get-together until 23:00h)

Diego has the unique ability to show you through simple and practical examples how to make the little changes that are necessary and promptly become more successful in your daily life! His theories and ideas are immediately applicable and have helped me a lot, not only in business, but also and especially in life as a whole. The familiar and easy-going atmosphere at his trainings sets you right away in a good mood and the right disposition to learn something new. When you arrive home in the evening you are fully motivated, and apply the new strategies right away to take your life to the next level. It is astounding every time over, how Diego can solve even the most complicated problems, through easy strategies and understandable concepts.

—   Stefano Battiston, Maserati (Head of Marketing CH&AT)

Diego has a remarkable personality. It’s almost like he puts a positive spell on you from the very first moment! His training is dynamic, energetic and very motivating. I can promise that it will leave you with fond memories. Diego, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and for having shared your passionate success stories, such as your unforgettable moments at Ironman. We can definitely highly recommend Diego as a professional motivational coach and speaker!

—   Christian Stadler, PepsiCo (Business Controller CH&A)

I cannot count the number of times his encouragement and positive example have motivated me to achieve feats I previously thought impossible, from the realm of academia to that of endurance sports. Diego is combining his knowledge and enthusiasm with his sharp business sense to provide easily applicable and effective Trainings. His sessions are conducted in a highly engaging and well-structured fashion, which ensures you stay keen and motivated throughout. Diego expresses his practical strategies clearly and simply, demonstrating how to implement them for enduring benefit in all walks of life. I cannot speak highly enough about Diego and as a motivator and coach I am sure he can help you not only find, but also confidently follow, the path to reach all of your goals.

—   Christian Lutz (Arzt & Ironman-Athlet)

As an entrepreneur, I see the direct effects of this personal development with Diego De Nicola in areas such as my appearance, my mental strength and decision-making power, as well as in the success of the business as a whole. For this reason I can clearly testify that this investment in myself has already paid off several times!

—   Patrik Fluck, Etrex GmbH (Creative Director & Founder)

I never met anyone with such drive and determination. His potential is not only impressive but also overwhelming, and thanks to his strategies, you can really feel that success is much closer than what you think. Thanks to him, I achieved goals that I would have never achieved on my own. I also always admired the incredible versatility of Diego. He knows very well how to trigger exactly what's needed in you too to succeed. What he achieved in life and business did not happen by coincidence, he can show you how you can do it for your business as well.

—   Michele Casanova, PhD ETH Zürich (Business/Pharma Consultant)