Lead Your Tomorrow

The ultimate real-life, hands-on and high-power interval course for visionaries, creative minds, doers and entrepreneurs. A holistic, action-oriented and highly effective masterclass.


The 6th edition of "Lead Your Tomorrow" (LYT) includes 8x course evenings as a group (approx. 4h), 1x full-day-retreat (approx. 8h) and 4x individual one-on-one coaching (50 mins) with Diego De Nicola.


  • The Science of Achievement
  • Rhetoric and Communication
  • Body Language
  • The Power of Decisions
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Energy and Focus
  • Self-confidence and Performance
  • Time Management
  • Money
  • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety
  • The Power of our Mind
  • The Art of Fulfillment
  • Topics of your choice!

More details about the LYT can be found in the brochure.

NB: The "LYT" is limited to 16 participants!

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I am really amazed and positively surprised! I can't explain what it is or exactly what it was that made it happen. Every tip and every step, every exercise and task, everything in connection has brought about this great change. Today I am 100% more satisfied, deal with many situations significantly better and differently and have gotten hungry for more. By the way, I gave up an addiction, was elected president of a rhetoric club and was able to increase the motivation and the numbers in my business. Why? It just works and in the end you're sad that the course is over. But at this point in time, you have learned to know and use so many valuable tools that you can carry on in the best-possible way!

—   Roman Hauger, Abrella GmbH (Inhaber & Geschäftsführer)

With the "Lead Your Tomorrow" by Diego De Nicola, I now have a valuable collection of tools (yes, a real treasure!) on my way to becoming even more satisfied and successful. His strategies are immediately applicable and easy to implement. Diego has a very impressive ability to get the most out of each individual no matter where you happen to be in life.

—   Isabelle Ritler, Belle Kosmetik (Inhaberin & Geschäftsführerin)

In the last three years I had the chance to attend various sales, personality and motivational trainings. Even though I’m quite a bit older than Diego and have a lifetime of successful experience in sales and management, I could learn and improve a great deal every single time, thanks to his fresh, positive and sporty attitude and mannerism. His trainings are interesting, realistic, practical and easily applicable in everyday life. I can highly recommend Diego as a coach and trainer to any individual or firm!

—   Brigitte Bachmann, TA-BOU beachwear (Filialleiterin)

As an entrepreneur, I see the direct effects of this personal development with Diego De Nicola in areas such as my appearance, my mental strength and decision-making power, as well as in the success of the business as a whole. For this reason I can clearly testify that this investment in myself has already paid off several times!

—   Patrik Fluck, Etrex GmbH (Creative Director & Founder)